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jessiehl wrote in atheismandrace
There's a thread over at Greta Christina's blog asking for suggestions for a recommended atheist "canon". I know of various blogs and articles written by atheists of color, but I'm apparently not so familiar with books. Anyone have suggestions for books by atheists of color and non-Western atheists that aren't New Orientalist narrative?

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I don't know, but I would think that she would appreciate a few links anyway. What have you got?

Let's see, blogs...I know about Godless and Black, Angry Arab News Service, The Friendly Atheist, The Asian Atheist, Pinoy Atheist, and Black Woman Thinks.

Articles: I know about Frances Parker's African-American Atheism article. Having trouble thinking of others off the top of my head.

I was compiling a list of books by POC atheists (mostly; includes some humanists), but hadn't finished it. I haven't read most of these -- only Sold My Soul on eBay, which I wouldn't propose to be canon -- so I can't say if they should be offered up or not.

  • Norm Allen, African-American humanist, Executive Director of African Americans for Humanism
    • The Black Humanist Experience: An Alternative to Religion
    • African American Humanism: An Anthology</i>

  • Anthony B. Pinn, African-American (humanist?), Professor of Religious Studies, Harvard.
    • African American Humanist Principles: Living and Thinking Like the Children of Nimrod
    • By these hands : a documentary history of African American humanism (editor)

  • Gora - Shri Goparaju Ramachandra Rao, Indian atheist, deconverted from Hinduism. (All links below are to e-texts of his books.)

  • Taslima Nasrin, exiled Bengali Bangladeshi atheist and secular humanist, feminist and physician.
    • Light Up at Midnight, Selected Poems
      Game in Reverse (poems and essays)
      100 Poems of Taslima Nasrin
      Shame (Lajja)
      My Girlhood (autobiography)
      French Lover
      Meyebela: My Bengali Girlhood (autobiography)
      Getting Even (Shodh)

  • Hemant Mehta, Indian-American atheist, Chair of the Secular Student Alliance Board of Directors, principal blogger at Friendly Atheist, deconverted from the Jain faith.
    • I Sold My Soul on eBay: Viewing Faith through an Atheist's Eyes

  • Hector Avalos, Mexican secular humanist (and atheist, apparenty? having trouble confirming), Professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State.
    • The End of Biblical Studies
    • Strangers in Our Own Land: Religion in U.S. Latina/o Literature
    • Fighting Words: The Origins of Religious Violence
    • Introduction to the U.S. Latina and Latino Religious Experience (editor)
    • ¿Se puede saber si Dios existe? [Can One Know if God Exists?]

  • Plutarco Elías Calles, Mexican atheist, President of Mexico (1924-1928)

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I highly recommend I Sold My Soul on eBay. I heard it's awesome :)

-- Hemant

Great list, I hadn't heard of many of these people--thanks!

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