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atheismandrace's Journal

Atheism and Race
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This community is focused on Atheism and Race
Welcome to the community Atheism and Race! This community aims to talk about issues with race in the Atheist worldview. Race and religion may be two different animals, but they often intersect, and for many of us a community like this is needed to express frustration/talk about issues in our lives.

This is a POC-oriented community, but white people are welcome to join, so long as it is understood that this is meant to be a "safe space" for POC (people of color).


1) Please keep the anti-religious wank to a minimum. Obviously our worldview is not the same as that of a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or any other religion; still, the primary focus here should be on issues with Race & Atheism. Also, many times religious wank turns into cultural wank, and this will NOT be tolerated. Some religious wank will be accepted, but the number one rule is Think before you post. If it has a title like "Muslims are insane", it doesn't belong here.

This is the only rule until at such point other rules become necessary. Please address all questions to your moderators, bellvampress and unusualmusic.

EDIT: Due to idiot trolls, Comm membership will be moderated. If you want to join, press the "join community" link, we'll get the message, assess your cred. and let you in, or not.