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Sikivu Hutchinson, Moral Combat
Escher Snakes
sanguinity wrote in atheismandrace
Eee, Sikivu Hutchinson's book is out! Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics and the Values Wars

Interview with the author at Echoes of Commonsense.

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Thanks. I saw this a few weeks ago, but with just a one-paragraph summary and with no samples and no interviews. I didn't want to gamble on buying it, but I'll reconsider.

The difference between religion as a belief about gods and afterlives and religion as a social nexus and community anchor is one that I haven't been taught much to appreciate, but I hear more about it lately, and it's the kind of distinction that can only be made clearer over time by giving more people more options and less reasons to stay entrenched. Religion seems to be the only game in town for a lot of people when it comes to teaching people how to live and providing services and support, and as I get older, the more I come to appreciate that some things just aren't going to change or open up so easily, no matter how flimsy I think the evidence for gods is.

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