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Ariane Sherine
Escher Snakes
sanguinity wrote in atheismandrace
Voices of POC atheists:

Ariane Sherine, creator of the Atheist Bus Campaign, and editor of The Atheist's Guide to Christmas. She gave the first official Humanist "Thought for the Day" on Radio 4 in 2004 (apparently Dawkins had given an unofficial thought in 2002).

She's also comedy writer and journalist. According to Wikipedia, her father is UU, and her mother is Parsi Zoroastrian, although neither practice.

I'm a believer - in plastering buses with atheist slogans:
Although not atheists, my family have been broadly supportive of the campaign. My 83-year-old Zoroastrian grandmother sewed advert covers for the launch and told me that my devout Jehovah’s Witness great-aunt saw me on BBC News. “What did she say?” I asked nervously. “She said it was very nice,” my grandmother replied.

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(Deleted comment)
She is apparently somewhat well known in the U.K. as the spokesperson for the Atheist Bus Project -- there are a lot of talk-show clips of her on YouTube.

She was also a speaker at TAM London, but other than this short hallway interview, I can't find video. :-(

This woman is made of wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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