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Greta Christina on Atheism, Race, and Gender
Escher Snakes
sanguinity wrote in atheismandrace
I don't read Greta Christina much (personal preference, mostly, in that I get two-thirds of my way through one of her posts and wonder why she's taking this long to say what she's saying), but she did a series on race and atheism lately that I just came across and thought was worth linking here, in case people were interested.
  • Getting it Right Early: Why Atheists Need to Act Now on Gender and Race

    A primer on the systemic biases, that even in the absence of racist or sexist attitudes (intended to be a provisional assumption, which she suggests is likely unwarranted), lead to white male dominated organizations remaining white male dominated.

  • Race, Gender, and Atheism, Part 2: What We Need to Do -- And Why

    A primer on corrective actions. I especially like that she discusses the failures of the (white, gay, cis male dominated) LGBT movement to treat LGBT people of color as anything other than fetishized or fully-alien others, and how the LGBT movement is currently paying for that stupidity. I feel like I'm forever bringing this up on atheist boards ("Don't DO that; the LGBT movement did that, and believe me, it's a bad idea!"), but I usually never get much more than cricket chirps back.
I haven't gone through the comments on either post yet, so I don't have a sense of how well-received either has been nor how much fail is going on in the comments. The only blog response I've found so far is this at Daylight Atheism, which is mostly a signal boost:

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The posts have been largely well-received, and there have been a lot of good comments. There's a little fail in the comments, especially to the first post if I remember right, but not nearly as much as I would have expected, at least last time I checked.

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