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jessiehl wrote in atheismandrace
There's a thread over at Greta Christina's blog asking for suggestions for a recommended atheist "canon". I know of various blogs and articles written by atheists of color, but I'm apparently not so familiar with books. Anyone have suggestions for books by atheists of color and non-Western atheists that aren't New Orientalist narrative?

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I was compiling a list of books by POC atheists (mostly; includes some humanists), but hadn't finished it. I haven't read most of these -- only Sold My Soul on eBay, which I wouldn't propose to be canon -- so I can't say if they should be offered up or not.

  • Norm Allen, African-American humanist, Executive Director of African Americans for Humanism
    • The Black Humanist Experience: An Alternative to Religion
    • African American Humanism: An Anthology</i>

  • Anthony B. Pinn, African-American (humanist?), Professor of Religious Studies, Harvard.
    • African American Humanist Principles: Living and Thinking Like the Children of Nimrod
    • By these hands : a documentary history of African American humanism (editor)

  • Gora - Shri Goparaju Ramachandra Rao, Indian atheist, deconverted from Hinduism. (All links below are to e-texts of his books.)

  • Taslima Nasrin, exiled Bengali Bangladeshi atheist and secular humanist, feminist and physician.
    • Light Up at Midnight, Selected Poems
      Game in Reverse (poems and essays)
      100 Poems of Taslima Nasrin
      Shame (Lajja)
      My Girlhood (autobiography)
      French Lover
      Meyebela: My Bengali Girlhood (autobiography)
      Getting Even (Shodh)

  • Hemant Mehta, Indian-American atheist, Chair of the Secular Student Alliance Board of Directors, principal blogger at Friendly Atheist, deconverted from the Jain faith.
    • I Sold My Soul on eBay: Viewing Faith through an Atheist's Eyes

  • Hector Avalos, Mexican secular humanist (and atheist, apparenty? having trouble confirming), Professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State.
    • The End of Biblical Studies
    • Strangers in Our Own Land: Religion in U.S. Latina/o Literature
    • Fighting Words: The Origins of Religious Violence
    • Introduction to the U.S. Latina and Latino Religious Experience (editor)
    • ¿Se puede saber si Dios existe? [Can One Know if God Exists?]

  • Plutarco Elías Calles, Mexican atheist, President of Mexico (1924-1928)

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I highly recommend I Sold My Soul on eBay. I heard it's awesome :)

-- Hemant

Great list, I hadn't heard of many of these people--thanks!

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