Sikivu Hutchinson, Moral Combat
Escher Snakes
Eee, Sikivu Hutchinson's book is out! Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics and the Values Wars

Interview with the author at Echoes of Commonsense.

Sikivu Hutchinson - Not Knocking on Heaven's Door
Not Knocking on Heaven's Door: Black atheists, urban America

Black Women Who Use the "A" Word
Article by Jamila Bey on the African Americans for Humanism conference.


Atheist woman of color smacks down burqa bans, Hitchens
I figured this might be of interest to people here. It's a nice op-ed by Shikha Dalmia, who grew up in India in a traditionalist Hindu family.

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Escher Snakes
Skeptifem: Bill Maher and the white dude privilege of new atheists/skeptics.

Pharyngula: The problem of the oblivious white male atheist.

I'm mostly link-dumping because I'm supposed to be doing other things, but:
  • I agree with the bones of skeptifem's critique about casual misogyny and racism passing unremarked, and the degree of privilege-defending pushback you see from commenters (as demonstrated by the commenters at Yay, skeptifem, and more, please!

  • When Pharyngula says, "The problem isn't dismissal. It's casual disregard," I can't help but notice that he is dismissing skeptifem's point. Fortunately, there seem to be some people arguing in the comments that he missed the boat here.

  • Also, he called for suggestions for atheist speakers who aren't white males; as near as I can tell all the recommendations made so far, excepting Hirsi Ali, are white women. (That comment thread is moving fast: this is already outdated. But not by much.)
I'm assuming there might be profitable places to throw comments in.

On a happier note, the linking eventually traces back to an interview with Sikivu Hutchinson. Although, again, I can't help but notice that the stuff that she is discussing in that interview -- the experience of being a black atheist in the atheist community -- is being ignored in the links above.

Ariane Sherine
Escher Snakes
Voices of POC atheists:

Ariane Sherine, creator of the Atheist Bus Campaign, and editor of The Atheist's Guide to Christmas. She gave the first official Humanist "Thought for the Day" on Radio 4 in 2004 (apparently Dawkins had given an unofficial thought in 2002).

She's also comedy writer and journalist. According to Wikipedia, her father is UU, and her mother is Parsi Zoroastrian, although neither practice.

I'm a believer - in plastering buses with atheist slogans:
Although not atheists, my family have been broadly supportive of the campaign. My 83-year-old Zoroastrian grandmother sewed advert covers for the launch and told me that my devout Jehovah’s Witness great-aunt saw me on BBC News. “What did she say?” I asked nervously. “She said it was very nice,” my grandmother replied.

Greta Christina on Atheism, Race, and Gender
Escher Snakes
I don't read Greta Christina much (personal preference, mostly, in that I get two-thirds of my way through one of her posts and wonder why she's taking this long to say what she's saying), but she did a series on race and atheism lately that I just came across and thought was worth linking here, in case people were interested.
  • Getting it Right Early: Why Atheists Need to Act Now on Gender and Race

    A primer on the systemic biases, that even in the absence of racist or sexist attitudes (intended to be a provisional assumption, which she suggests is likely unwarranted), lead to white male dominated organizations remaining white male dominated.

  • Race, Gender, and Atheism, Part 2: What We Need to Do -- And Why

    A primer on corrective actions. I especially like that she discusses the failures of the (white, gay, cis male dominated) LGBT movement to treat LGBT people of color as anything other than fetishized or fully-alien others, and how the LGBT movement is currently paying for that stupidity. I feel like I'm forever bringing this up on atheist boards ("Don't DO that; the LGBT movement did that, and believe me, it's a bad idea!"), but I usually never get much more than cricket chirps back.
I haven't gone through the comments on either post yet, so I don't have a sense of how well-received either has been nor how much fail is going on in the comments. The only blog response I've found so far is this at Daylight Atheism, which is mostly a signal boost:

There's a thread over at Greta Christina's blog asking for suggestions for a recommended atheist "canon". I know of various blogs and articles written by atheists of color, but I'm apparently not so familiar with books. Anyone have suggestions for books by atheists of color and non-Western atheists that aren't New Orientalist narrative?

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Mr Gruff
The conservative Christian reviewers, in turn, are skeptical of the professional historians' emphasis on multiculturalism, views stated most forcefully by Mr. de la Teja but echoed by Ms. Hodges. Reaching for examples of achievement by different racial and ethnic groups is divisive, Mr. Barton said, and distorts history.

"Undistorted history" is white, Christian, and infallible. Inclusion = division.

Also, did you know that separation of powers and checks/balances come from the Bible?

‘Out of the Closet’ — Black Atheists
Sikivu Hutchinson in the LA Watts Times:

In some black communities it’s akin to donning a white sheet and a Confederate flag. In others, it’s ostensibly tolerated yet whispered about, branded culturally incorrect and bad form, if not outright sacrilege.


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